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Making Music Personal

Make Music Your Own

 Why have private music lessons? There are as many reasons as there are students.  Students and their families have different goals about lessons, too. That's what your teacher wants to help you discover. At Beth's Heart Song we guide the student to reach their goals using guilt-free methods and fun tools.

Music making fun and colorful

Let YOUR Heart's Song OUT!

It has been said that Music is the language of the Heart. That doesn't mean we all want to play the same song or perform on stage as a soloist. Then  again, maybe some will. What is your passion? There are tools to discover and express YOUR heart's song, let us help you wield them.

Off-Bench Learning Games Make Concepts Fun to Learn

By Memory or By Heart - It makes a difference

Learning to play an instrument is like learning a language. First a baby listens, then experiments with language, reveling in the self-expression. Eventually the child communicates with words. Additionally, reading and writing words to communicate can be mastered, if there's a motivation. Those who can read and write may find better ways to develop, express and share their passions. That's why we love preschool music education! The more you understand your instruments, the better YOUR Heart's Song is expressed.

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Do you have questions, want to discuss options for group piano lessons Lima? Looking for piano lessons in Allen County? Reach out to us, it's a blast to Let Out YOUR Heart's Song! 

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